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Jarvis Recruitment Group is an organically grown company, which means that we promote from within. Not many companies can truly and honestly say their growth has been 100% organic, We Can! We genuinely enjoy the ability to give all of our employees equal opportunity to career growth. We hire candidates that are recent University graduates through our Graduate Training Program, or are new to sales or recruitment with a couple of years experience.

Graduate Training Program

College and University Recent Graduates, take a look into our Graduate Training Program

Junior Sales Academy

Entry & Junior Level Experienced Candidates, take a look into our Junior Sales Academy

  • Kevin Jarvis
    Kevin Jarvis – CEO


Jarvis Recruitment Group is a collection of specialized and targeted recruitment companies. We find a most success for our employees as well as our clients when we are focused on a specific niche.

Working from our global offices across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America our recruiters concentrate exclusively on sourcing, qualifying and placing niche professionals. Our deep industry roots give us the most extensive reach into the global niche candidate marketplace. Our localized teams bridge the gap between top talent and the diverse client base we work with.


Finding the right talent is hard but finding the right employer is just as hard with recruitment being a growing industry in the US. At Jarvis Recruitment Group we strive to do out best to make our company a 'Home' to all of our employees.

As our welcome video explains, We Are Different. We take the old school practice of recruitment and mix in our new school: culture filled with world-wide adventure and excitement, career and personal growth packed with $$ and personal assistants, consistent training overflowing with knowledge, demos, new technology and wandering puppies, all to make the perfect recipe called JRG!