Our People Rule

Recruitment is a People Product so getting the best and brightest working individuals is key! Get ready for spontaneous high fives, impromptu debate & joke wars, and infectious energy & excitement.

What is Recruitment?

As a Recruitment Consultant you will be contacting companies (our clients) to understand what their hiring needs are. After fully understanding WHO it is they are looking to bring on to their team, you will be sourcing for the right candidates to send over to your Client. Once your Client has decided that the Candidate you sent over is a good fit, an offer is sent out and your ‘deal’ is complete!

  • Create New Business Relationships
  • Business Development
  • Account Management
  • Proactive Negotiation & Sales
  • Meet with Clients to Gain a Deeper Understanding of Needs
  • Recruit and Source the Top Professionals in your Specialist Market
  • Handle the Client and Candidate Recruitment Process from Start to Finish

What we are looking for?

There is no particular recipe to the perfect Recruiter. All of our consultants come from different backgrounds and have different personal and professional interests. However, what’s consistent throughout our organization is our drive, motivation, and attitude. We look for people who want to make a change, are boundless, and aren’t afraid to take that leap.

  • Working hard is important
  • Working smart is more important
  • The ability to self manage your time and your output
  • Positive people delivering positive solutions
  • Motivation is key to success
  • Open and honest communication
  • “Street smarts” beats “book smarts”
  • Have goals, they give you direction
  • We have a great team and only want people that value that
  • We dont build space rockets, so keep it simple