Benefits & Incentives

A few Employee perks

Feels Like Home



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    Base Salary + Best Commission in the Industry

    Our commission program pays over 3x the industry average.

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    Healthcare Benefits

    We offer healthcare, dental, vision and options for each. 

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    By joining JRG, we want you engaged in your career for the long term. We want to help you build for the future. 

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    Commuter Benefits

    We have employees come to work from all areas in and around the city and assist in any way we can. For those who enjoy a quick cycle before/after work, our bike share programs may be an option. 

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    Gym Memberships

    We encourage healthy lifestyles and want to help our employees engage in exercise as much as possible. 

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    Generous PTO

    We enjy our time off to travel, spend time with family, spend time along, whatever it may be you love doing, we want you to enjoy it! 

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    Casual Dress

    No dress code, wear what you want. 

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    Bring Your Dog to Work

    We love our furry friends, don't leave them home alone, bring them to the office. 

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    Endless Snacks & Drinks

    When you are in the office, you can enjoy endless  snacks and beverages.

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    Career Growth

    Simple, achievable & structured career goals from Junior Roles to Vice President running your own brand. 


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    Tons of Events

    Lunches, dinners, vacations, drinks, movies, yoga, runs, and retreats. We have lots of events for our employees that wish to take part. 

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    Personal Growth

    We give each of our employees time and money each year to spend on personal development. Anything you like from cooking classes to photography school, to yoga retreats, it's up to you! 

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    Trips & Vacations

    We all enjoy traveling, seeing & understanding new cultures. Even better when you get to do it with colleagues and peers from work. Check out some past trips, here

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    Luxury Watch Target

    Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Cartier. Whether it is to tell time or because you want sometime pretty on your wrist, we love to gift a luxury watch to target hitting employees. 

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    Charity Events

    A huge part of JRG is giving back to our community and society. If you have a charity you are passionate about, we'd love to add it to our ever-growing list & take time to volunteer as a team. 

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    Jarvis Training Academies

    All entry-level recruiters will have hands-on mentorship and guidance with them every step of the way as they progress up to managerial roles, from our in-house Award-winning training. From the Basics to Advanced.

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    Jarvis Leadership Institute

    Continuous learning and development is key for successful and effective leaders. Both in-house and external partnerships aide in our leadership and executive team's continual growth. 

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    Volunteer Day

    We provide every employee with a volunteer day each year.

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    Partners & Family

    All of our actvities are open to your significant other, and we have many events throughout the year where you can bring the family along. 

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    Personal Assistants

    Admin weighing you down? All Regional Managers and above get a personal Assistant to take care of all your business and personal administrative tasks.