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Living The Dream: Travel + Work

Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

JRG ideals was founded by our CEO, Kevin Jarvis, on a 3 year escapade of travel. After the sale of his last major successful recruitment venture, his eyes were bright, tastebuds enlightened and legs a bit sore from traveling around the world on his years off. He had seen places like the Seychelles in Africa, Mykonos & Santorini in Greece, Rome Ischia and Sorrento in Italy, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in UAE, and Puerto Rico, Jamaica, & Barbados in the Caribbean. After all this, Kevin realized the people focused business he was set to start would have the ability to travel, learn about new cultures, and work at the same time! 

Take a look at some of the places JRG has been able to travel while still working! 

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Welcomed to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua by our friendly driver!

Taking in the sights after the long and rigerous hike up to the Mirador Del Cristo De La Misericordia or the Mercy of Christ Statue. 

Taking a business call from the beach.

Photographing some serious waves on their lunch break.

An early morning workout for some of the team calls for some balance and stretch in town.

The view from our company’s 20 room villa.

Warsaw Old Town, Poland

JRG meets for drinks and dinner in town.

An exciting night celebrating success with dinner drinks and dancing.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

We ventured out to the famous Scotchies in MoBay to pick up our jerk lunch for the team.

Where our Villa leads to, when you need a quick break from work.

Morning fruit smoothies to get our minds ready for full steam Recruitment from the Caribbean.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Afternoon lunch break at the beach while painting your hometown paddle session. It turned into a full on team paint fight.

The team took the late afternoon for some ATV course riding. 

Some members decided to go for a swim in the natural spring waters after the sweaty ATV ride. 

Los Angeles, California

Team members hit the LA Dodgers game after an eCommerce conference in LA.

Morning yoga balances the mind and body to prepare the team for a full focus work day.

Some team members from the East coast induldge in the delicious and famous ‘In-N-Out Burger.’

Las Vegas, Nevada

Some of the VPs headed to the famous chandelier bar in the Cosmopolitan Hotel to have their weekly sales meeting. 

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